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Digital Evolution In Healthcare

By Richard Fahrer posted 06-12-2020 07:42

Telehealth's Evolution in History
Working in the pharma industry for nearly 17 years, I've had a front row seat to the digital revolution in healthcare. Since before the launch of WebMD and Medscape to the full-scale roll out of  inter-connected EMR sytems. From the first eRx prescription to fully integrated tele-health platforms. You don't need a career in pharma to see the evolution. Health wearable like FitBit and Apple Health are now mainstream. Peloton became a $13B business in under 7 years.

With all the innovation in tech and health, it always felt like the practice of medicine continued to lag. It's no secret that Fax Machines remain a staple of most healthcare practices. Despite the wide availability of tele-health, patients continued to walk in to crowded waiting rooms coughing and sniffling in order to be treated with common conditions. 

Then it all changed and tele-medicine went from fringe to mainstream in an instance.  Not only usage skyrocketed, but norms changed too.  Waiting in the comfort of your own car instead of a packed ER. Taking routine appointments from your living room.  Getting your refill delivered to your doorstep with a simple click.  The face of healthcare will never look the same.

This new wave of tech has great potential to unlock access for patients in remote areas.  To connect providers with patients without the limitations of travel.  It also means less patients are walking in and seeing their doctors, which can result in less diagnosis of conditions.  Like all things, there are pros and cons with great change.